Pai Age Confidence

Pai’s Age Confidence Oil

The beginning of the year has been a great one for Pai in the Press, with the teams at In Style, Look and Stella magazine all recommending Pai products for the new year.

For those in full detox mode, Stella magazine’s A-Z of Fitness & Wellbeing was a must-read – especially the letter ‘E’ for Echium which featured this beautiful illustrated of our Echium & Amaranth Age Confidence Oil!

As one of the core active ingredients in our Age Confidence range, we’ve long pioneered the rejuvenating benefits of Echium – particularly for sensitive skin thanks to its high concentration of anti-inflammatories.

What was really interesting though was that Stella also recommends taking Echium Oil internally:

“A valuable source of omega-3 for vegetarians, echium oil comes from a genus of the borage plant family. Some studies have claimed that it can have an even bigger impact on heart health than omega-3 gleaned from fish or algae.”

Stella’s Imelda Burke said:

Although Fish Oil derived omega 3 is hard to rival, one of the newer options for vegans and vegetarians is derived from Echium Oil. Although many may be familiar with using this topically, benefits when taken internally are great for sensitive skin. 

As a rich source of omega-3, Echium Oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and may help balance hormones – all good news for skin. Research also indicates the body utilizes Echium better than Flax Seed derived oils.”

So, another interesting supplement to consider.